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Signing a 36 month alarm contract?


·    If any company offers you “free equipment” of any kind check what your monthly payments work out at over 36 months and see who is really paying for that "free" security equipment.

· Did you know that depending on the alarm contract you have signed, that the installation company may still have legal ownership of your alarm system, even after the expiration of your 36 month service agreement and may remove it should you no longer wish to renew your agreement or are unhappy with the service provided.

 ·  Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the monitoring agreement and the provisions regarding early termination of the agreement.



DSC Alexor 2 Way  Wireless Alarm System

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Wireless Alarm Systems

We install and service all well known brands of wireless alarm systems and detection devices including DSC, Caddx, Paradox, Texecom, IDS and Optex


Introducing the DSC Power Series And Paradox Range Of Wireless Alarm Systems.

Offering more than just great looks the DSC Power Series & Paradox wireless alarms and hybrid wireless alarm systems are full featured home security solution systems that deliver the same functionality as that of traditional hard wired security systems but with minimal compromise to the home structure and its aesthetics.






Caddx NX10 Bi-Directional Wireless Alarm System.

Wireless Alarm Systems

As security systems and associated equipment become more advanced, wireless alarm security systems and equipment have in recent years become a popular choice among many home owners as the preferred choice ,The two most popular brands among them being Caddx and DSC wireless alarm systems.

Why is wireless becoming the preferred option?

We have seen wireless technology become a preferred option especially for customers currently moving into new homes and developments those of which do not want their new home aesthetics damaged by wiring runs and cables glued to interior and exterior walling, another reason why wireless alarm systems have become the replacement to wired alarm systems is that in most cases, when new premises are built, infrastructure in the way of conduit sleeves for cabling of a wired alarm system are usually not installed during the construction phase solely due to the extra cost implications.

 With many new single and double story houses being built on poured concrete slab structures and having no open roof access, it becomes almost impossible to drill and fit wiring to an entire house without the wires being run visibly on skirting or outside of the buildings walls to overcome poured concrete slabs.

Costing, Wired VS Wireless

Unfortunately at the moment quality wireless security systems are still out of reach of most home owners budgets and is no doubt why wired alarm systems are still being installed as standard, however we expect this technology to become more affordable in the coming years as it overtakes existing standard installation wiring practices and becomes the preferred option for home owners and alarm installers alike.

Please feel free to contact us should you be interested in looking into the wireless range of  DSC systems, be it for your business new home or existing one.



Hardwired keypads damaging your home aesthetics? , DSC Alexor is Here!!



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