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Signing a 36 month alarm contract?


·    If any company offers you “free equipment” of any kind check what your monthly payments work out at over 36 months and see who is really paying for that "free" security equipment.

· Did you know that depending on the alarm contract you have signed, that the installation company may still have legal ownership of your alarm system, even after the expiration of your 36 month service agreement and may remove it should you no longer wish to renew your agreement or are unhappy with the service provided.

 ·  Make sure that you understand the terms and conditions of the monitoring agreement and the provisions regarding early termination of the agreement.


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New HX-Series Outdoor High Mount Detector

Security products manufacturing giant Optex has once again proven why it is known as the world leader in security equipment production.

 The Japanese-based manufacturer has developed the HX passive infrared detector, which is infused with the world’s first Multi Anti-Masking Technology.

The unit is uniquely designed with integrated technology that provides the widest range of protection.



The CAME gate automation range is back after 2 years of absence within the South African Market,

We can now once again supply equipment and parts for all new and existing installations

The new DSC LC102

The new DSC LC102 detector from DSC incorporates passive infrared and glass break detection technlogy all in one elegantly designed unit.


Optex Launches new improved AX /TN Series photo electric beams and newly improved BX 80N Outdoor detector



BX80N Series - Boundary Detector

Optex BX80NR


DSC Launches  its newly designed control panels and user keypads with over a 100 new additional features.

The new keypads are made of high grade durable plastic and will compliment any existing decor style.



Use Anti-Cloak Detectors as the preferred choice.



Control and view your alarm system remotely from your cellphone or smart device anywhere and at any time over the internet, ask us how today!

Alarm Systems

We install and service all well known brands of home alarm systems and detection devices including DSC, Caddx, Paradox, Texecom, IDS and Optex

Reliable effective interior and exterior electronic security solutions for your home, office , commercial and retail buildings.




We Offer The Following Services:

Alarm Installations - Wired, Wireless & Hybrid Combination Systems

Existing Alarm System Additions & Upgrades

Outdoor Early Warning Perimeter Protection - Beams

Remote User Monitoring And Control Of Alarm Systems



optex bx80n
















New Optex FIT Series of detectors - FTN ST/AM  & FTN -R/RAM

The DSC Power Series Range Of Security Control Panels And Keypads

DSC Power Series PC1808 PC1832 And PC1864


The Tried And Trusted Range Of Caddx Security Control Systems.







Traction Security install and service all leading brands of alarm systems, Caddx, DSC Texecom and IDS are our most popular and the preferred choice among most end users.

Traction Security install, service and maintain all leading brands of burglar alarms systems, detectors, perimeter beams and associated security peripherals that you are familiar with and comfortable using in your home.

We also allow the option of custom designing your own electronic security system subject to the installation of a Caddx or DSC security system with a minimum of 4 zones installed and 8 on board.

It is important that security systems and detection layout are regularly reviewed. We recommend a total review of domestic installations every two to three years. Any alterations in the structure or layout of the premises or any major change in the value of risk should be followed by a re-assessment by one of our representatives.




      The Optex range of outdoor detectors   

Optex VX402


optex vx402 



 Our Proud Range of Security Alarm Control Panels And Peripherals Include:












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